Series 1009

The Dave
Somewhere, USA

The Dave (David Ralph Johnson) is a passionate photographer always on the move, exploring new places and capturing what catches his careful eye. Series 1009 is a collection of photos representing twenty years of his travels and his unique way of rendering the world.

In his studio in Minnesota, he crops away clutter and brings to life images the world might have missed. He takes what the camera offers and amps up color and clarity and contrast to please the naked eye.

For example, this landscape taken in Avila, Spain.

Avila, Spain

The Dave singled out the fountain with its mist dancing in the afternoon sun.

Palm Springs, California

When a subject is larger than life, he puts the whole image into play.

Menahga, Minnesota

From landscapes to cuddles, The Dave covers a lot of territory.

New Orleans, Louisiana

And animals, you go.

Call By 7 Done By 11
Victoria, Minnesota

Inanimate objects, too. The Dave sees where the rubber meets the road.

Love Locks
Sorrento, Italy

The Dave's curiosity leads to many photos that only he understands. Perhaps it is time for him to put words to his photos. Call out the romance he finds in rust. Describe the thrill of the click.

David Ralph Johnson
Founder Of The Dave

So there you go. A bit about me and a glimpse of Series 1009. Yes, the time is right to put words to photos. I'm no spring chicken and a more permanent record of my work is probably a good idea. Plus my friends often say, "Tell us the backstory." I love the opportunity for clarification. The tale told enriches what the photo shows. Very satisfying.

I've gathered 1,009 photos as a steppingstone for a book endeavor. I think a reasonable number of stories will be a hundred or so.

Poke around these web pages. Let me know the photos you'd like to hear about.

And I'll go find a pen.

~ The Dave